SKIN – Young, middle-aged and “wiser”

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Have you ever noticed when you see models in pictures used to portray a beauty product or portfolio, they always use ‘young’ looking skin? Young skin is filled with lots of collagen, is firm and wrinkle free, but lacks character (in my opinion), and isn't a true representation of the rest of the female population who haven't "just left school". We're lucky to have this kind of skin for 10-15 years at best. How can you see the real skill of a make-up artist when skin is ‘perfect’?

I love my client appointments with ladies with older skin. Yes, there are fine lines and wrinkles, redness, sunspots and freckles, but the thrill of helping women (and gents) learn all about their skin, how to look after it and how to get it in the best shape is the most amazing feeling ever. Achieving this for my clients is my favourite part of the job. I see all sorts of women; busy, tired, young and old and each face and skin is different. I watch these women go from shy to confident, like a blossoming flower, as they begin to see just how beautiful they are in their own skin. Many women come and see me clueless, purely because no-one has taught them. Let’s face it, it can be confusing with the countless varieties of products & beauty product adverts thrown at you. I use a special machine designed to look down deep in each of the skin’s layers and it prints a report. Using this report, I go through the five essential steps and I design, add or tweak a skin care programme. Each of my programmes fit easily into the client’s own established schedule and can be done in a matter of two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening. I design the programme around the individual and her needs. All clients follow the same simple steps initially, to get skin into the best possible shape, especially if there is a significant occasion ahead like a wedding, christening, party or anniversary event. I then work with her over the following six to twelve months to improve her skin and get it looking healthy and vibrant. There is no better feeling than being completely comfortable in the skin you're in, knowing that even if you go out without makeup, that’s ok, because you look gorgeous anyway.

As a skincare consultant & make-up artist, my preference is to always work on faces where the "canvas", aka the skin, has been prepped first. Prepping the skin before applying any make-up allows for a better finish. You will also see in my portfolio, I don't just showcase, young clients. I work with real women and by that, I mean, women whose skin isn't as flawless as a baby's bum. They may have hooded eyes or even wrinkles, but I embrace it because that's real life. I also like to foster a judgement- free environment around client’s skin. Whatever condition I first see it in is fine. Sometimes life happens and clients forget or are too tired to do skincare occasionally, that’s also ok. When my clients allow me to work with them, we can achieve something amazing they may have never thought possible, even if she has rosacea, dry, oily, combination skin, or acne.

If you want to learn more about how to look after your skin, message me to book an appointment, so we can start the journey now to getting your best skin. Remember the most important thing: how you look after your skin now, affects how it looks in ten years’ time, so there is no better time to get started, no matter what your age.

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